Experienced leadership we need at the Port


Trusted Leadership

Don Meyer's leadership has been instrumental in turning the Port of Tacoma into the thriving, modern port it is today.  With an eye on balancing the needs and concerns of commercial interests and private citizens, he has worked hard to ensure the port remains competitive in an increasingly globalized economy.

A true "economic engine", the Port of Tacoma's operations support more than 18,000 high-paying jobs in Pierce County - jobs that not only support hard-working families, but generate millions of dollars in annual local revenue that support our schools, infrastructure projects, and ongoing environmental protection efforts.

A Plan for the Future

Don's vision and long-term planning helped transform the Thea Foss waterway from a toxic industrial dump to a pristine collection of nationally recognized marinas, proving that economic development and environmental protection can go hand-in-hand.

Don knows that by bringing together diverse groups of concerned citizens, commercial customers, organized labor, environmental groups and other stakeholders, we can meet the competitive challenges of the future and focus on the issues that matter the most - job creation, clean air and water, and sustainable, environmentally-friendly economic growth.


Experience We Can Rely On


We can count on Don Meyer's nearly 40 years of public service and selfless leadership to continue building a future for all of Pierce County.

      "One of the most satisfying accomplishments of my professional life has been the cleanup and redevelopment of the Foss Waterway, but I won't be satisfied until we achieve a complete delisting of Commencement Bay from the EPA's Superfund designation.  We're on our way to truly becoming a Green Marine port, and I look forward to continuing the progress we've made so far." - Don Meyer