Testimonials From Members

of Our Community

“Les Ponomarchuk is a fair, well-reasoned, very experienced, and thoughtful judicial officer.”

Attorney Christy LaGrandeur

“Commissioner Ponomarchuk is universally regarded as an excellent jurist by the many attorneys who routinely appear before him.  He knows the law and applies it without prejudice.  He listens to all sides, is fair-minded, and his rulings are thoughtful and effective.  He will make an outstanding district court judge.”

Attorney Michael Bugni

“Commissioner Ponomarchuk is an excellent superior court commissioner and will be an excellent district court judge.”

Attorney Robert C. Bennett

“I highly endorse Les Ponomarchuk.  I have appeared before him many times in Court and have observed first hand his ability to analyze legal issues, to follow the law, and apply the facts to the law in a manner that serves with equity.  While I may not always like or agree with his decisions, I can always defend the decisions to my clients as in line with the laws by which he is bound.  My only hesitation in endorsing him is that his success in his campaign will leave a huge hole in the family law court where he is sorely needed.”

Attorney Maya P. Trujillo Ringe

“I endorse Les Ponomarchuk for Shoreline District Court Judge #1.  Les is an excellent judicial officer, and he is very well qualified to serve a District Court Judge.”

Attorney Deborah A. Bianco

“I’ve appeared before Commissioner Ponomarchuk on many occasions.  Each time he has treated the parties before him with respect, has known the law related to the issues presented to him, and has made fair decisions that were consistent with applicable law and the facts of the case.  He has by wholehearted endorsement as he runs for the Shoreline District Court Judge position.”

Attorney Jennifer A. Forquer

“I have argued cases in front of Les Ponomarchuk countless times over many years.  He is ideally suited to being a judge.  He’s very thoughtful and practical and has a great heart.  Strongly recommended.”

Attorney Douglas Becker

“Commissioner Ponomarchuk would be amazing for this position!  We will be sad to lose him in the family law department.”

Attorney Erica N. Knauf Santos

“I heartily endorse Commissioner Ponomarchuk for District Court Judge.  I’ve found him to be one of the most thoughtful jurists in King County for years.”

Attorney Sarah Birkland

“The best judicial officer – I have appeared before Commissioner Ponomarchuk on family law matters too many times to count.  He is always prepared, always carefully reads the materials issues decisions based on the facts and laws without bias.”

Attorney Alan Funk

“We have greatly appreciated your leadership in protecting public safety.  We look forward to continuing our working relationship in the future.”

President Dave Richardson, King County Corrections Guild